Tips to improve the productivity while working remotely

Blog by Prarthana Singh

There’s nothing more important to a small business than its employees. If your employees are happy, their productivity will increase, and that’s exactly what you need to help your business grow. Everyone wants to run a successful business, right? But to make your business profitable workforce productivity should be at this peak.

So, it is required to improve the workforce productivity to achieve the business goal.

After the COVID-19 outbreak WFH has new norm for the organizations. With organizations forced to allow employees to WFH to maintain the business continuity.

A key concern regarding remote working is that it comes with a decline in productivity, as employees who are no longer within sight of their boss slack off.

Ways to improve Employee Productivity –

Physical and mental health-Stressed out employees are more likely to make mistakes. They’re also more likely to get sick because stress suppresses the immune system. The more stressful your work environment, the more often your people take sick days. Studies shows that these wellness programs can improve productivity by up to 11%.You don’t need a huge budget to launch a program of your own. Employees can make small changes to their habits on daily basis to improve their productivity while working from Home/working remotely –


  1. Learn to prioritize the task
  2. Schedule your day strategically 1 day prior
  3. Learn to delegate the task
  4. Eliminate distraction
  5. Plan phone calls
  6. Take breaks while working from Home in every 45 min to be more productive.


We understand shifting your work environment to your home is challenging, but with a few simple changes to your routine and space, you’ll find you can still have a productive work day.


Stay Home Stay Safe & Stay Healthy